Who We Are

The Pet Shadow LLC is an innovative company breaking ground on new technology for pet safety: the implantable GPS-microchip, which would provide a pet's exact location with the press of a button.

What We Do

At The Pet Shadow LLC, we provide new age pet security in the form an implantable tracking
device, which would then be registered to our database for easy recovery of lost or stolen pets.

Our Mission

“To be the guardian angel that keeps pets safe from theft, wrongful shelter habitation, and
reunites them with their rightful owners.” We aim to create a fast-track solution to an
increasing threat all pet owners have either faced or fear. We want to be the assurance that when
all seems lost, there is always hope.

One Pet Search Database

One Pet Search is a centralized database that provides a cohesive list of lost & found pet pages and physical shelters. It complies the different sources one would use to search for a lost pet into one place. This easily accessible app (or website) would also provide up-to-date posts of recovered animals and whichever shelter currently holds them in the user’s area.
With the One Pet Search Database, exhaustive trips to the local shelters and scrolling through multiple tabs becomes a thing of the past, saving pet owners money, time, and grief as they do their best to bring their furry friend home.