How We Work

Step One:

Register. Enter your pet(s) information into our database. This includes names, pictures, and the best methods of contacting the owner (i.e. a valid phone number and email address.)

Step Two:

Pet-proof. Establish your pet’s “Home” location and a safe radius outside of it in which your pet is allowed to roam by the mile.

Step Three:

Keep Watch. When your pet goes beyond the approved radius outside of its location, the app will send you an alert.

Step Four:

Mobilize. Track your pet’s location in real-time and recover them on your own.
Additional Measures:

If you’re unable to recover your pet on your own, just click ‘Shadow Alert’ for an extra hand. All animal shelters and rescue organizations in partnership with The Pet Shadow will receive a Missing Notice, which should include:
  •  up to three (3) pictures of the animal
  •  a written description of any special identifying marks
  •  the owner’s contact information
Should your pet be recovered and scanned before you can find them, their identity is confirmed, your pet’s status changes from Missing to Found, and their location is sent to you via the app.